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The Hindu scriptures known as the Vedas, are by definition,
of non-human origin. They were not composed or written by
ancient 'Rishis', or sages. The rishis "found" or discovered
the Vedas. The rishis are the seers of the mantras. Likewise,
the conceputal music composition presented here, was not
composed... it was realized.
This composition, titled, "The Breath Of Brahma", is literally,
"the music of the spheres". The notes of the piece are in the
range of the notes being emitted from the black hole in the
Perseus cluster of galaxies. It begins on the B flat fifty-seven
octaves below middle C. The duration of "The Breath Of Brahma"
is equal to the life of Brahma, or 311.04 trillion years. The
form is divided into three parts. Part one is a whole note
(62.208 trillion years in duration), set to the holy sound of
OM. Part two is set to three repeatitions of the word, Shanti,
which means Peace, in Sanskrit. The duration of part two is
186.624 trillion years. Part three is a repeat of the whole
note, OM.
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